Additional information


All participants during the development of Campus FCB will be discharged in sports and accident insurance. Also, they must bring the health card and the vaccination book or the health record with the updated data of the vaccination status. The organization will have the presence of a physiotherapist to deal with small incidents (wounds, sprains, etc.). In the event of a more serious incident, the child would be taken to a hospital.

For additional medical care and in case of accidents kids will be sent to the nearest Hospital.


Our diet has been made by our nutritionist team and following medical instructions.

Any kid allergic to gluten or any other food must botify it the first day and there will have an special diet for him/her.

About parents

Kid's parets must avoid to get inside the Campus in order to keep the timetable and the harmony in all the activities.There will be a meeting 15 days before the beginning of the Campus where the parents will see the isntallations where the Campus will take place abd also meet the human team who will look after and train their kids.


Those kids who won't spend the night, should start the Campus at 9.00 a.m and leave it at 19.00 p.m. In case kids have to come earlier there will be a tutor who will look after them from 8.15. a.m and until 20.00 p.m.


Transfers to the airport or house to the Campus are not included. FCB Campus are not responsible of the transfer from the airport to the Campus or from any house to the Campus. Parents must bring the kids to the installations.

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